Oh I see that. I see you creeping up on him again there…


for the uninitiated, this has everything to do with Rose and her creeping on ‘my’ man, and not much else XDDDDDD


Today I’ve got coffee so let’s get this off to a good start! kkk With so many comebacks recently, I thought maybe I should give my own two (and in some cases fifty) cents about them. And also because, if you missed any of them, you’re really missing out. I can’t think of a single one of the comebacks recently that wasn’t awesome. That includes B2ST’s, whose name I can never spell right without looking it up.

To stave off the in-fighting that I know is going to go on between the four people that read this yesterday, we’ll go in order by date of comeback. If I can remember them all. ^^’

First up: 100724

Shiny SHINee! :D Now first off, I have to say that the concept at far as Key’s hair is concerned was not something I liked. But Taemin and Onew are both looking really good~ and after listening to it many times, I do like the song. Although, Up & Down is a lot more fun for me and I love seeing them sing it more than Lucifer o-o XD. I love Jonghyun’s expressions kkk Overall though, despite questionable clothing and hairstyles, I was quite happy for this comeback and the album in general I liked ^^. Now the repackage we’ll save for later. If you’re actually a returning visitor, you already know my opinion of that one ;)

Next UP…..100912

Do you know how hard it was to find all three of those together? Honestly, I don’t care about all the comments about how they had too much time and having three comeback songs like that was a lot. I do have the opinion that it was too much of the same thing and they did get a lot of time compared to regular comeback performances but whatever, their album is really good and I do like all three songs.

And back to the boys for 101001:

B2ST! To be honest, I don’t know any of their names. I know about two songs from them besides this one. But I really, really like this song. I actually hadn’t watched a performance of this until I looked up the video just now, but it’s rather good. I liked it a lot. ^^

But not just B2st! There’s also~~

SHINee!! They came back with ‘Hello’ and it is awesome. They’re back to their old selves XDD. Rose and I spazzed quite a bit over this. I can’t say much without going off on a tangent about this one. I just love how smiley they are. Jonghyun in the beginning is my favorite. And then Onew’s smile~~~ I love it~~~~ And Minho sang! Taemin too! They’re both awesome. And Key… kkk. I bought the repackage because I was so excited about it and now I’m just waiting for it to arrive. Maybe I’ll make a post when it gets here, along with the other awesomeness that’s coming~~ :D

And then—>101007

A different Breathe from miss A! These girls are really awesome. They’ve only been around a few months and that’s quite hard to believe. I love their dancing and the songs are very catchy. I liked Bad Girl, Good Girl a little better, but this is still a good song. ^^

And a day later 101008:

Rose got me all excited for this. Seriously, the teaser was awesome. The MV just as awesome. And then this performance~ :D :D I’m a very happy person. kkkk I have heard that they might release a full version of  ‘Before Yesterday’ and I want~~~ That would just be so awesome. And this performance~ I laugh every time I see Dongho stretching himself up and Kevin and Soohyun going down so that he can have his arms on their shoulders XDD. And then Eli and Alexander beating each other up a bit in the rap~ ^^. So yes, as much as I liked all the other comebacks, this one tops those definitely. (well it’s kind of on the same level as SHINee. But a little above that. Maybe just a tad bit. Not much.)



And then…yes, we do save the best for last. And not just because it’s the most recent. But our final comeback stage is 101014…

2PM!!!! I love the intro. And Chansung. XDDDD No honestly, I just love him in this. (And the rest of the time, but especially here. XD) And Nichkhun’s rap. One of my favorite parts of the song. Obviously, I love any parts that I can immediately understand, but it’s just a good part anyways. ^^ I’m not the fondest of Teacyeon’s hair color, but I suppose it will grow on me. And Chansung’s slicked back hair is pretty funny. But yes. 2PM is back~~~ :D This is actually the first song they’ve been promoting while I’ve been a fan (in the sense that I’m actively paying attention to them and not just like oh hey there’s a 2PM song, it’s pretty good).

So there you have it. A roundup of all recent comebacks. I went back a little far with SHINee, but I’m sure you will all forgive me. I had to include them in there (both times XD). I think you can tell my favorites from my comments, but just a round up:
1. 2PM – U-Kiss
2. SHINee
3. B2ST – miss A – 2NE1

No, I did not rank them like that because I’m indecisive or I didn’t want anyone to be last. (Although both are true. XD) I did it that way because that’s really where they rank. 2PM is at the top, but U-Kiss is a very serious, very close second (O-O I know, it’s blasphemy that my favorite isn’t alone up there at the top! But I love U-Kiss’s comeback.) And then Shinee is just below that. Just barely below those two. And then the other three~ I really like the songs. I like the performances. But because they aren’t my favorites, I’m not quite as invested in them and it doesn’t make them quite as good to me.

That it! See, I’m branching out already! And three posts in three days! This is a record. Tomorrow I’ll try to make another post with some not performance/MV related material. We’ll have to see though because every time I say I’m going to post something specifically, I end up posting something else instead. But anyways~ I hope you enjoyed, if not for my commentary for the eye-candy at least XD.

Because I love writing posts for all those people not reading this (T_T), I thought I would go ahead today and post a little about where I’m planning to go with this. As much as I love 2PM, I’ve decided this blog won’t, and can’t be all about them. See, I made the mistake before of completely and totally investing myself in just one group. That group happens to be no longer together, and in the meantime, I missed a whole lot of other awesome groups because I was too caught up in my ONE group.

So what’s going to happen here? Well obviously 2PM is my main bias. We COULD have a long explanation as to why, but I’ll just post this in answer:

Of course, there is equal awesomeness to be found elsewhere.

Like here:

And here:

And even a little here:

So I’m going to branch out a little. Expect a lot of 2PM, especially now. But also expect other groups like my close, close, barely behind 2PM most of the time second favorite SHINee. And others. Mostly boy groups (hey, I am a girl, and I like boys XDDDD), but there are some awesome girl groups out there (although, and is this just me, but the girl groups are multiplying exponentially lately). I want people to come and read this and find some group they may not have paid much attention to before. A funny post that brings out some awesomeness from whichever group. I say that because I missed out on so much before. And it was because of people like -yes, this is my bad influence ^^~ -> Rose, that I branched out and found new favorites and new reasons to stay in kpop even after I lost my ONE group. I’m not saying you shouldn’t have a favorite, obviously I have mine, I’m just saying variety makes everything better. ^^

Okay so this is very much overdue. You know why??????

Because 2PM released their comeback teaser!! And then the comeback MV teaser!! And then the whole mini album!! And then the MV!! And apparently, there is also a dance version and another version where they teach you the dance. I have not been fortunate enough to see those two yet. ( copyright claims >.<)

But anyways~! 2PM comeback!! It’s awesome. Absolutely awesome. There are things you could say about the makeup and whatever but I don’t care. I think it fits the video. Yeah sure, it might look a little out of place just walking down the street but it looks reaaaaaly good in the video. (Can you imagine? tough Taecyeon out for some fresh air and such with all that eye makeup? XDDD although, it does fit right in with the Justin Beiber song he tweeted kkkkkk)

Oh and then there’s the issue of Chansung and his jacket. That he looks so so so awesome in. Rose (:D) and I discussed this the other day, but it makes his torso look awesome. Think whatever you want, but I love guys with long torsos. It just makes them look so long and lean. (As long as they’re actually lean of course. Which Chansung most definitely is ^^)

And for those of you unfortunate enough to have not seen the teasers, videos and heard the new songs (and obviously also living under a rock) I bring you 2PM’s comeback song “I’ll Be Back.”

And now, I’ll let you recover from that before posting anymore. I know you’ll need some time. kkkkk

Expect another post sometime soon with whatever else I can think of about this comeback!! Maybe a little review of the songs, maybe a video of their comeback on whatever music program, maybe that dance video if JYPE will post it up on their channel. ^^ Whatever it is exactly, you can be sure the next post will be full of good stuff since it will have 2PM and Comeback in the title v(^o^)v

So I was going to have this post featuring Chuseok stuff and Shiny SHINee and such but I never got around to it. So instead, we get a smiley post. Because it’s raining here and has been raining for the past week. So we need some fun stuff! ^^

To kick it off, a cute little video with a fun song:

And then there’s this:

some people are a little more intimidating here than others
some people look a little too intimidating on the happy side and weird on the other
some people make the others look a little like kids because there is no gradual height increase
some people look more like they’re checking themselves out
and some people are just too cute XD

Okay so the next video is technically not them. But hilarious anyways~ kkk

and a few more pictures plus a macro (I’ll have to contact my bad influence to get some more because I know she has plenty, so we’ll have a good post with those later!! XDDD)

Everyone looks funny when doing this, but it never fails to amuse ^^

Yes, this is the one that’s my favorite.


Okay and now since I skipped the feat. SHINee post, a little bit of shiny SHINee to brighten your day as well ^^

Oh Onew. It took me way too long to appreciate you~

And then these two:

And just because I think this is the sweetest thing-

Then, the last thing and the video that inspired this post because as Rose and I agree
Rose says (11:35 AM):
The cuteness!!! It kills!!~~
I love them. Hahaha.

So, I had another post I was going to make with some lovely pictures from Chuseok stuff and such and it was going to feature Shiny SHINee, but I had to put that off in favor of something much more important. This:

Rose is trying to take my man. Yes, she is. It doesn’t matter that she already is in love with Wooyoung and her boyfriend (who knows that Wooyoung is the competition XDDD) she’s going for Chansung now.

Just the other day on MSN she tells me, ‘yeah Chansung’s really been growing on me lately.’ she also mentioned something about him being so manly and handsome and cute and well I might be getting a little carried away but she did say something to that effect. Now that in itself isn’t too much cause for concern. Because really, it’s hard for him not to grow on you, you know? (U-Know XDDDD I crack myself up) He just sneaks up and takes over really. But then I see this when I’m browsing youtube the other day:

I think it’s a little too small to tell here but the title of this particular video is: OPPO Follow Your Soul dance behind the scene (Cute Chansung!)

Do you see that?! She is very subtly favoriting things with him in there acting all cute like that. (I favorited it too after I saw XD) She’s slowly planning how to take him from me. (We will igonore the fact that she really, really loves Wooyoung, and that she has a boyfriend and that Chansung really isn’t mine in any way and all that crap.)

And yeah that’s the important update. Rose is trying to be sneaky and clever but I’m on to her! (Or I’m on something at least with this post kkkk)

Now I wish I was saying that because I had just been there and it was absolutely awesome and I could not contain myself.

…but I’m not. I have never seen these boys live, even though they were here in the states briefly. So I say that in regards to all the fancams that Rose (yes, her again) got me to watch. She only sent me three actually,  but it doesn’t matter. This post is all her fault. Again. ^-~

First up, Cinderella Sister Parody:

It doesn’t matter that you can barely hear what they’re saying. At this point, the plot doesn’t even matter. Just watch it for kid!Junho abusing poor Chansung and anyone else who has to pick him up, and for Nichkhun, who makes a decent woman till they put him in a sleeveless top. Those arms do not belong XDDD.  And then there’s Junsu.  I won’t spoil his condition for you ^-~. And the lovely ballerina, any guesses who that is? kkk

Next up: the second one Rose sent me. Taecyeon and Nichkhun singing and speaking English. As if that wasn’t awesome enough, then they switch over to singing Sexy Back ~

And then the last one. That she sent at least XD. There is no introduction for this one. Just watch.

Oh yes. That was Chansung. I wish I had saved Rose’s commentary. She kept telling me “he said ass, he said ASS! This is better than the time Taecyeon said shit!” And there’s not much I can add to that. It (the performance, not the saying of ‘ass’) rendered me quite speechless.

And last thing. Because really, you can find all these on your own, I’m just pointing out some of the best ^-^

After all the silliness and hottness above, you get this:

That’s not the closest or best version, but it has the English translation on it. You can find plenty more versions in the related videos.

I honestly have no commentary for this one. It speaks for itself. Their song ‘Thank You‘ is enough to make you tear up. The Hottest’s response song is even more of a reason to make you tear up. And then there’s this, which will just make you cry. But it’s okay, because you’d be crying with them ^^.